PST Plus Wi-Fi – Coming Soon

What is PST Managed Wi-Fi?

For an additional $9 per month, PST Plus Wi-Fi provides the ultimate Wi-Fi experience for all PST residential fiber, coax, or Advanced Wireless customers.

  • PST Plus Wi-F is a premium managed wi-fi service that gives you the ability to:
    • Monitor and manage your at-home networks with your PST-provided router and app
    • Set household rules with enhanced parental control and screen time
    • Protect your network with malicious website protection, anti-virus, and anti-ransomware before it enters the home
  • An old router with outdated firmware can be a primary cause of speed and performance issues. With PST-managed service, we make sure you have the latest technology and that it stays up-to-date with the latest firmware and security.

What’s Included?

  • PST Plus Wi-Fi Managed Router
  • PST Plus Mobile App
    • PST Plus ProtectIQ (Free)
    • PST Plus ExperienceIQ (Additional $5/mo)

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PST Plus comes with a mobile app – Here are the top 5 ways our mobile app makes life easier

  • See who is on your network
    • Don’t let your neighbors poach your wi-fi. View all connected devices on your network and get notified when someone connects.
  • Running a bandwidth test
    • Internet running slow? Run a test, the higher the better. Need more speed? Call us for ways to improve your experience.
  • Get web threat alerts in real-time
    • With ProtectIQ network security, you’ll be notified in the app when threats are blocked and can take corrective action. Browse with confidence.
  • Hit the pause button
    • Sometimes everyone needs a well-placed timeout. You can pause the internet on anyone’s device or during a specific time. Now relax. Set limits, schedules, block content, and pause the internet.
  • Prioritize what matters most
    • Choose which devices and activities get the most of your bandwidth with My Priorities in ExperienceIQ. Now you’re in control.