Residential Broadband

On the map above:

Green is PST’s fiber optic network.

Blue areas are approximate wireless or coax broadband coverage areas.

Red indicates the area is currently closed to new sales; please contact us to be added to our interest list and we will contact you when the area reopens.

We have flexible Internet packages to suit every need and budget.

Residential Internet

Product Monthly Cost Equipment Fee Install Fee Download Speeds As Fast As
Discovery 10* $55 $125 Now $99 $100 Now FREE 10 Mbps
Pioneer 15 $65 $125 Now $99 $100 Now FREE 15 Mbps
Innovation 20 $75 $125 Now $99 $100 Now FREE 20 Mbps
Broadband 25** $85 N/A $300 Now $99 25 Mbps
Broadband 50** $95 N/A $300 Now $99 50 Mbps
Broadband 100** $109 N/A $300 Now $99 100 Mbps
Service Plan $6.50 Service Repair Plan Information (PDF) Informacion de productos y servicios en espanol (PDF)

*Discovery 10 package is only available for wireless and coax services.

**Broadband 25, 50 and 100 packages with install fee of $99 only available via fiber optic service in limited areas, check with PST for availability.

Service is subject to availability and provided via radio transmitter or coax. Must have a clear line of sight to the PST transmitter for wireless option, or connection to coax for hardline option.

Speeds are not guaranteed. Actual speeds may vary depending on, but not limited to, the number, performance and configuration of connected PC or connecting PCs; hardware, RAM and hard drive(s); router and connecting adapters; software applications; web browser and browser plug-ins; website server limitations; and network congestions. PST wireless and coax services do not currently support Voice Over Internet Protocol.

24-month commitment for wireless and coax services. 36-month commitment for fiber optic services. Early termination fees and other restrictions apply. 30-Day Guarantee applies to Equipment Charges, Early Termination Fees and Monthly Service Fees only. Installation Fees are Non-refundable.

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Download Comparison Chart

File Type DSL PST Discovery 10 PST Pioneer 15 PST Innovation 20
Download 20 Photos (10MB) 41 sec 8 sec 6 sec 4 sec
Full Music Album (160MB) 7 min 2 min 1 1/2 min 1 min
50 Min Full HD Video (300MB) 21 min 4 min 3 min 2 min
Large Software Download (1GB) 1 hr 11 min 14 min 10 1/2 min 7 min