Business Broadband and Network Services

Green is PST’s fiber optic network.

Blue areas are approximate wireless broadband coverage areas. See the Residential Broadband page for more information.

Orange areas are approximate coax broadband coverage. See the Residential Broadband page for more information.

Red indicates the area is currently closed to new sales; please contact us to be added to our interest list and we will contact you when the area reopens.

We have flexible Internet packages to suit every need and budget.

Broadband Fiber Internet

Product Monthly Cost Download Speed Upload Speed Install Fee
Business 75 $109 75 Mbps 15 Mbps Varries based on
distance from line.
Minimum $500.
Call for quote.

PST Business Broadband Shared Services via fiber optics puts you at the top of your game! More plan options available up to 1Gbps for shared and dedicated services. Contact us for pricing inquires.

Service subject to availability. PST Business Broadband Shared Services are “best effort” and speeds are not guaranteed. Actual speeds may vary depending on, but not limited to, the number, performance and configuration of connected PC or connecting PCs; hardware, RAM and hard drive(s); router and connecting adapters; software applications; web browser and browser plug-ins; website server limitations; and network congestions. No statically assigned IPs are available for PST Business Broadband Shared Services.

36-month commitment. Install cost could exceed $500 minimum, and is dependent on distance from fiber line and associated construction costs.

View policies, terms, and additional information regarding broadband internet services, including the Business Broadband Lease and Service Agreement and the Acceptable Use Policy.

Contact us today to get started with our business fiber internet!

Other Business Services

Point-to-Point (Data Transport)

Whether you need to connect to an office across the street or accross the country, Plumas-Sierra Telecomunications has a service to fit your needs. If you have existing T-1/T-3 lines, phone systems, or point-to-point connections using copper, we can transport that data over our fiber network with break-neck speeds, secure delivery and reliability that you have never imagined.

eLAN Services

Plumas-Sierra Telecommunications offers eLAN Services, or Extended Local Area Network. This is a multipoint-to-multipoint connection that will extend your LAN to all your remote locations, while appearing to be in the same building.

Dedicated Internet Access

Plumas-Sierra Telecommunications offers Business Class Internet Access. Whether you need to add or replace a T-1, DS-3, or even an OC-12, we can offer reliable bandwidth that is delivered with ultra-fast fiber optics at highly competitive pricing. Dedicated Internet Access includes a minimum of a /30 subnet for static IPs and 24×7 Network Operations Center access for technical support. Lodging distribution service is only available via DIA circuits. Contact us for pricing inquires.

Custom Solutions

Whether you are a small start-up with specialized needs or a college campus with thousands of users, Plumas-Sierra Telecommunications can customize our services to meet your business needs. Our engineers are here to answer any questions and help you develop a solution that works for you.


  • Customized Data Networks
  • Tele-Medicine
  • Distance Learning
  • Campus Networks
  • Video Applications