PST Plus Wi-Fi App Support

The Ultimate Wi-Fi Deserves the Ultimate App

Take control of your home with the PST Plus Wi-Fi App

Screenshot of CommandIQ app dashboard

Designed for you

Get the assistance you’re looking for with an in-App dashboard that’s designed to help you easily identify and communicate service issues, so you get the assistance you need to get back the ultimate in Wi-Fi.

Peace of mind in one hand

With ExperienceIQ™, you can now manage your entire network right from the palm of your hand, regardless of who’s online or what device they’re using. There are also self-service options with optimal mesh placement guide.

In the know

Get peace of mind with total visibility across your entire network. With the ExperienceIQ™ App, you’ve got access to every device and connection throughout your connected home from a single dashboard on your mobile device.

Controls you’ll love

Be able to easily manage everything from parental controls to bandwidth performance to guest networks and network security. It’s the command center you’ll love and the one your kids won’t.

Who’s got the power? You do.

The new ExperienceIQ™ App gives you the power to control every device’s performance. This ultimate connectivity command center lets you set prioritizations to keep your network performance the best it can be.

Know where you stand

Optimize your experience by running bandwidth tests 24/7 to monitor network performance for speeds up to 2.5 Gbps.

Troubleshooting Videos

Introduction to the PST Plus Main Dashboard

Setting Up Your Wi-Fi App

Learn about the Settings Menu in the App


Wi-Fi at Your Fingertips

Man using his mobile phone to access the CommandIQ mobile app

Create A Home WiFi Experience For Everyone

With custom profiles you can organize devices to individuals and control access and content, create offline schedules and easily pause the internet.

Screenshot of CommandIQ mobile app Add Person screen

Assign devices to profiles for personalized control.

Person using their mobile device to access the CommandIQ app

Set & Save Your Settings

From guest networks to offline schedules and more, save the perfect rules for harmony and good habits in the home.

Screenshot of CommandIQ mobile app Add Wifi screen

Quickly create and share a guest network

Person using their mobile device to access the CommandIQ app

Visualize Your WiFi, Run A Bandwidth Test & Get Tips

Make your home connectivity more manageable with easy-to-understand visualizations and simple tools.

Screenshot of CommandIQ mobile app Things screen

See who and what devices are on your WiFi

mobile device displaying the blastwifi commandiq people setup page

Create people profiles

Use profile to assign devices specific to family members

Enhance Your Experience

With integrated connected solutions built directly into your ExperienceIQ app, you can create the ultimate solution for your home and family.

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ProtectIQ – Included for FREE

Network Security and peace of mind for all your devices

Learn More about ProtectIQ

Children playing on tablet devices

ExperienceIQ – Included for $5/mo

Balance protecting your connected kids and your priorities

Learn More about ExperienceIQ