New High Speed Internet Services via Coax Available in Quincy

Quincy, CA March 1, 2017 – Plumas-Sierra Telecommunications (PST) is pleased to announce that it has completed beta testing of the coax system in the First Street area of East Quincy and is now offering services up to 20 megabits per second download. The current active area is on PST’s website,, with an interactive map to check your address.

“Completion of this first node, and the ability to now offer services, is a huge milestone in converting the old coax system into a modern broadband network capable of offering the speeds to keep our communities connected,” said PST general manager, Bob Marshall.

PST also recently acquired the coax systems in Portola, Delleker and the Mohawk Valley areas and plans to offer the same services once repairs are completed in those areas.

PST will continue to expand the system throughout the American Valley in the weeks and months to follow.

“We want to help the region grow. It has to be connected to really fast Internet to do that,” said Marshall.

This is good news for many Quincy residents and business owners, who have been without cable Internet service for more than two years with few options to fill the void. There are multiple packages available, with the least cost package starting at $55 per month.

Corby Erwin, PSREC member services director, explained one of the major differences between PST’s service and services offered by other providers is its physical connection to the PST-owned fiber optic system. “The fiber backbone will provide a more reliable, virtually unlimited backhaul service, for the cable system that will supply Internet to the local area. Additionally, we are based locally. Our crews and technicians are a phone call away.”

For more information about PST broadband services or to sign up, visit, or call (530) 832- 4126.