Point-to-Point (Data Transport)

Whether you need to connect to an office across the street or accross the country, Plumas-Sierra Telecomunications has a service to fit your needs. If you have existing T-1/T-3 lines, phone systems, or point-to-point connections using copper, we can transport that data over our fiber network with break-kneck speeds, secure delivery and reliability that you have never imagined.

eLAN Services

eLAN Services

Plumas-Sierra Telecommunications offers eLAN Services, or Extended Local Area Network. This is a multipoint-to-multipoint connection that will extend your LAN to all your remote locations, while appearing to be in the same building.


Dedicated Internet Access

Plumas-Sierra Telecommunications offers Business Class Internet Access. Whether you need to add or replace a T-1, DS-3, or even an OC-12, we can offer reliable bandwidth that is delivered with ultra-fast fiber optics at highly competitive pricing.

Custom Solutions

Whether you are a small start-up with specialized needs or a college campus with thousands of users, Plumas-Sierra Telecommunications can customize our services to meet your business's needs. Our Engineers are here to answer any questions and help you develop a solution that fits.


• Customized Data Networks
• Tele-Medicine
• Distance Learning
• Campus Networks
• Video Applications


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